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Download and Install the XQ Secure Gmail extension for Chrome.



XQ Secure Gmail extension for Chrome

Enhance your Chrome browsing—grab the XQ Secure Gmail Extension. As Chrome continues to establish itself as the world’s premier browser, our extension complements it perfectly, providing a quality boost to your daily internet use. Whether it’s enhanced features or improved content assistance, our extension is designed to elevate your browsing with each passing day. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your Chrome experience — download the XQ Secure Gmail Extension now and discover a new level of seamless, high-quality browsing.

If you wish to download the XQ Secure Gmail extension into the latest version of Chrome, a straightforward process awaits you. Follow the steps below to seamlessly download and install any extensions you desire for your browsing needs.

Download the XQ Secure Gmail extension for Chrome:

Extensionsclub.com stands out as a highly favored alternative for Chrome browser users seeking a free download of the XQ Secure Gmail extension. Unlike other platforms, this website allows you to download extensions without the hassle of registration. For an even more streamlined experience, consider exploring better solutions available on this website. Notably, XQ Secure Gmail falls under the Communication category within the Chrome web store.

Regardless, acquiring the free XQ Secure Gmail extension is a straightforward process. Simply visit our website to comprehend the download procedure; no advanced technical skills are needed to save the files on your computer. So, why wait? Proceed now!

XQ Secure Gmail Extension Features:

Data protection and email security for professionals and businesses when collaborating with customers and suppliers.

Simple Secure Email Encryption
Gmail, Zero-Trust & Future-Proofed

XQ Secure Email is the simplest way to directly encrypt and track messages and files from your Gmail & Outlook workflows.
It’s free to install and allows you to take encryption anywhere you work!
With XQ, you can safely and securely communicate sensitive data with colleagues and third parties. You’ll never have to worry again about sending sensitive information and having it accessed by anyone other than the intended parties.
Your data is encrypted before leaving your device and moving to the cloud, which makes it easy for employers to meet data privacy and compliance obligations.

Easy Zero Trust Data Protection For Your Digital Workflows
Extend Zero Trust security control across your entire communication workflow, starting with complete platform email protection. XQ helps teams meet compliance and maintain the recommended safeguards’ integrity, availability, and confidentiality.

Business Email Compromise
Business Email Compromise is the #1 cyber-attack on businesses today. Breaches from Business Email Compromise and data leaks present a significant business risk. XQ can prevent damage from these attacks in real-time.

The damage is already done when you notice and remediate the breach.
XQ Secure Gmail immediately notifies your admin when a Business Email Compromise (BEC) occurs and identifies where the attack is originating. XQ Secure Gmail extension helps you reduce the risk of a breach and reduce the time a bad actor has access from months to minutes.
XQ’s Secure Chat can also help remediate a BEC through its ephemeral secure channels.
Know Sooner
You know where your email recipients should be
Immediate notifications if someone is trying to access your data who shouldn’t be

Stop BEC while it is happening
Rule sets stop unauthorized access by identity and geography

Control Data After it is Sent
Set identity, time, and location limits on your data
Revoke access at any time

For businesses concerned with Business Email Compromise, XQ is the best choice available.

Ransomware Extortion Protection
With millions of dollars at stake, ransomware attackers will likely find ways to hack into email even as their protections improve. Hackers will conduct a three-stage attack:
Encrypt Your Data
Encrypt your data and deny you access to it and your network.
Exfiltrate Your Data
Make a copy of your data
Extort Your Company
Demand payment each month with the threat of publishing all your intellectual property and customer data to the dark web.

XQ Secure Gmail extension encrypted email and files make that data useless.

Each email is encrypted separately with its own key and its own dynamic access policies. Even if someone does gain access, with this level of granularity your email now has a blast radius of ONE. Dont let one mistake jeopardize your entire company.

Lifecycle End-to-End Email and File Encryption Across Email, Files, Chat, Forms
Deploy a single data control platform across your communications work suite starting with Gmail & Outlook that gives you a single security plane visibility across all your organizations’ communications internally and externally.

Secure Sharing
As private company & consumer data is shared across cloud environments and disparate networks, XQ keeps it secure with continuous protection and lets you govern access throughout the data lifecycle.

Ease of Use
Senders and receivers should both have simple email and file security experiences. One button encryption for email and files for all users and recipients natively embedded in Gmail & Outlook does the trick.

XQ is the easiest way to have digitally secure workflows and to extend that security to customers, vendors, and coworkers. XQ is layer on security and control that works where you already work.

Data Control
Your data is most at risk after it leaves your possession. With XQ, you retain the ability to know what happens to your data, revoke access to it or reprovision it with granular access controls for Data Lifecycle Management. Keep track of when, where, and by whom your data was accessed and reprovision or revoke access to that data even when it is in someone else’s mailbox.

Gain effortless and Unprecedented Control Over Your Data

Data Blind
XQ won’t read your emails because we never have your data. The encrypted content stays within your existing service (i.e., Gmail & Outlook), and we provide the logic to encrypt, decrypt and modify the policies for data access.

File Protection
Keep attachments secure even after being sent from Gmail or Outlook to desktops, shared folders, Google Drive, or wherever files are stored and transmitted. Track when, where, and by whom access attempts occur.

Secure Bubble
Use XQ to build a secure bubble for colleagues, clients, vendors, and third parties. With encrypted messaging, you can be sure that your data are safe and secure. All of your invoices, contracts, and documents can be securely exchanged. Further, encrypted messages can be used as a verified channel to prevent phishing attacks and establish message provenance.

Message Expiration
Do you want an email with your name, address, and credit card information sitting exposed in your vendor’s inbox forever? Probably not. That’s why XQ lets you set an expiration date for any message you send. Choose any length of time, from six hours to six months.
Revoke Message
Unsend emails by revoking access to encrypted emails by the recipients. Just click the “Revoke” button, and your email is no longer accessible.

Data Compliance Shouldn’t be a Hassle

Privacy and Compliance
Ensure only the intended recipients can read private consumer data. Meet the strictest compliance requirements with zero trust end-to-end encryption preventing unauthorized access to email, chat, support, forms, files, and data in flight to the cloud and throughout its lifecycle. XQ helps support HIPAA, PCI, GLBA / FINRA / SOX, GDPR, ITAR, EAR, CMMC, CUI, CJIS, and FERPA.

Cross-Worksuite Collaboration
XQ Message enables your workforce to collaborate and innovate safely in the applications they already use inside and outside your organization. XQ is deeply integrated into your current worksuite protecting data as it is shared across unknown environments.

Chain of Custody for Visibility Across Environments
Each interaction with your data, whether it is IoT, CCTV, email, or chat, is logged with who, where, and when the access was attempted. Each data object has its own individual and unique key and is bound to individual policies. This provides you with an unparalleled ability to manage your data inside and outside your organization. XQ provides a complete auditable trail.

Data Residency
XQ Secure Gmail extension uniquely geolocates each data access request. This also means XQ can geofence data so that it never leaves its designated geography. XQ is the only solution providing geofencing at the data level for GDPR compliance. With XQ Secure Gmail extension, data stays where it is supposed to.

Data Control To Power Business
Lifecycle end-to-end encryption data protection
Extended trust frictionless sharing with customers and colleagues
Maintain data visibility with audit logs to see who has attempted to access data, track where data travels, and take action to reduce/ mitigate breaches.
Use SIEM integrations to improve threat remediation workflows.
Customize your data loss prevention rule policies from the edge to the cloud.
Use XQ Secure for protected file exchanges and collaboration.
Securely connect site-to-site and on-prem to cloud data transfer
BAA documents are available upon request for healthcare clients
Your Data Can Do More

Data-Centric Security
Other solutions protect data by focusing on the security of networks, servers, or applications. XQ protects the data itself. Data-centric security allows organizations to overcome the disconnect between IT security and business strategy by marrying security services to the data they protect; When security isn’t an end in itself, data can do more.

Extraordinary Ease of Use
Changing behavior is hard. For security to work, people need to be able to use it easily. XQ is seamlessly incorporated into users’ existing workflows for extraordinary ease of use.

Full-Lifecycle Data Control and Visibility
Easily view who has accessed or forwarded an email — and adjust or revoke data access controls at any time. Integrate XQ Secure Gmail extension with your SIEM to strengthen threat response and streamline compliance audits.

Seamless Experiences
Recipients who don’t have XQ installed still get the benefits of best in class user experience.

Quick Deploy and Configuration
Get up and running in a matter of minutes. Period.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) from the Edge to the Cloud
There isn’t another system like XQ Secure Gmail extension. Our patented architecture is true data-centric zero trust that future proofs your data security. XQ Secure Gmail extension microsegments data at the edge and encrypts that data object with its own key and policies that protect it and tracks it throughout its life from the edge to the cloud throughout its lifecycle.

XQ Secure Gmail extension keeps your data safe wherever it lives. We protect & track all interactions with each data object from the network edge to the cloud.

Our communications applications protect your data in email, chat, support, forms, and file sharing.

Through our layer-on patented architecture, our goal is to securely connect data for the entire internet.

Setup Instruction:

1. Launch Chrome web browser.
2. Go to the extensionsclub.com.
3. Use the search bar to find the extension you want to download.
4. Once you find the desired extension, click on its listing to open details page.
5. On the details page, look for a button that says “Add to Chrome”.
6. Now simply click on this button, Then the browser will download and install the extension.


The process of enhancing our browser’s functionality with the word count feature is remarkably facilitated by XQ Secure Gmail extension. In doing so, the extension not only resolves specific issues but also augments the overall functionality of the Chrome browser experience. Should you encounter any challenges during the installation of XQ Secure Gmail extension Add-ons, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below, and I’ll promptly respond in the next replay to address your concerns.


Price: Free

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