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Download and Install the Email Tracker for Gmail extension 11.67.0 for Chrome.



Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack extension for Chrome

Enhance your Chrome browsing—grab the Email Tracker for Gmail Extension. As Chrome continues to establish itself as the world’s premier browser, our extension complements it perfectly, providing a quality boost to your daily internet use. Whether it’s enhanced features or improved content assistance, our extension is designed to elevate your browsing with each passing day. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your Chrome experience — download the Email Tracker for Gmail Extension now and discover a new level of seamless, high-quality browsing.

If you wish to download the Email Tracker for Gmail extension into the latest version of Chrome, a straightforward process awaits you. Follow the steps below to seamlessly download and install any extensions you desire for your browsing needs.

Download Email Tracker for Gmail extension for Chrome: stands out as a highly favored alternative for Chrome browser users seeking a free download of the Email Tracker for Gmail extension. Unlike other platforms, this website allows you to download extensions without the hassle of registration. For an even more streamlined experience, consider exploring better solutions available on this website. Notably, Email Tracker for Gmail falls under the Communication category within the Chrome web store.

Regardless, acquiring the free Email Tracker for Gmail extension is a straightforward process. Simply visit our website to comprehend the download procedure; no advanced technical skills are needed to save the files on your computer. So, why wait? Proceed now!

Email Tracker for Gmail Extension Features:

Gmail mail merge and mass email tracker with 2 million+ users. Free, unlimited email tracking to boost outreach and email marketing.

Mailtrack is a personal email marketing tool with Campaigns, Mail Merge, Newsletter and document analytics for Gmail.

Why should you use Mailtrack?

– Free email blast service for Gmail
– 117,000 paying subscribers
– 2,4 million active users
– 8 million registered users
– Complete security audit by Google
– GDPR compliant
– Patented Technology
– Top reviews: 4,5 stars from over 10,000 reviews
– Personal email marketing tool: Send campaigns with Mail Merge
– Bulk email service: Send up to 1,000 emails at the same time
– Email automation: Create, personalize, and send/schedule email campaigns and newsletter quickly.
– Outreach tool: analyze your outreach performance through metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, response rates, and conversion rates of your cold emails.
– Document analytics (Delivery, Click, and Download reports)
– Featured in Forbes, Mashable, Inc, Lifehacker…and more!
– Used by professionals from: Uber, Indeed, Randstad, Keller Williams, Compass

How to use our mail tracker app?

– Install the Mailtrack email marketing extension
– Send outreach emails normally: Mailtrack will track all your emails automatically
– Open your “Sent emails” folder to immediately see the read receipt status
– One check mark ✓ means that your email has been sent successfully but not opened
– Two check marks ✓✓ mean that your email has been opened by the recipient
– Hover your mouse over the checkmarks to know exactly when and how many times your email has been opened


Email Tracker for Gmail extension allows you to track the emails you send from your Gmail account. You’ll receive real-time notifications when your email is opened by the recipient. This feature is particularly useful for professionals who want to know when their emails are read, providing insights into recipient engagement and enabling timely follow-ups.


✓ Free and unlimited email tracking. Track as many emails as you want!
✓ Individual email tracking. Track group emails individually to see exactly who opened your email and when.
✓ Follow-up email reminder. Get notified when your emails are not opened or not replied to.
✓ Link tracking. Know when someone clicks on the links in your emails.
✓ Campaigns. Send individually tracked emails or email newsletters to up to 10,000 recipients at the same time. You can also schedule them to send later.
✓ Mail Merge in Gmail. Personalize mass emails and newsletter by automatically extracting data from Google Sheets.
✓ Mail merge with attachments. Include secure PDF attachments in your mass emails and know when your PDF attachments are opened.

✓ PDF reading progress. See how much of the PDF document each recipient reads.
✓ PDF best performing pages. Identify the pages where recipients spent the most time.
✓ Secure file sharing and transfer. Enhance protection of your documents, control who can access them and when, and see who has downloaded your PDF attachments.
✓ Delivery Certificates. Instantly obtain proof that your emails have been delivered.
✓ Daily Reporting. Receive a daily summary of the previous day’s tracking activity.
✓ Salesforce/CRM Integration. Automatically send a BCC copy of all emails to your CRM or email marketing software.
✓ Export Mail Merge Data to CSV. Create customized reports with your tracking data.
✓ Works on iOS & Android. Send tracked emails from your phone’s Gmail app.
✓ Email & Phone Support Available.


– Job searches. Know whether your resume has been opened by recruiters.
– Sending quotes: See if your potential clients are interested in your product/service.
– Invoicing: Verify whether your invoice has been received or not.
– Newsletters: Quickly send up to 10,000 individually tracked emails at once.
– Cold emails: Measure the effectiveness of your cold outreach email campaigns.


Privacy and security are paramount when using email tracking tools. The extension typically ensures user privacy by adhering to strict data protection standards. Additionally, it may offer options to customize privacy settings, allowing users to control the information shared with the tracking service.

Setup Instruction:

1. Launch Chrome web browser.
2. Go to the
3. Use the search bar to find the extension you want to download.
4. Once you find the desired extension, click on its listing to open details page.
5. On the details page, look for a button that says “Add to Chrome”.
6. Now simply click on this button, Then the browser will download and install the extension.


Overall, the Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack extension is a valuable tool for Gmail users who want to track their emails performance and streamline their email communication processes. By providing email tracking, mail merge and analytics capabilities, it helps users optimize their email outreach efforts and enhance productivity.


Price: Free

Technical Information

Version: 11.67.0
File size: 1.04MiB
Language: English

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