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Download and Install the FlyMSG extension 3.4.11 for Chrome.



FlyMSG: AI Writer & Autofill Text Expander extension for Chrome

Enhance your Chrome browsing—grab the FlyMSG Extension. As Chrome continues to establish itself as the world’s premier browser, our extension complements it perfectly, providing a quality boost to your daily internet use. Whether it’s enhanced features or improved content assistance, our extension is designed to elevate your browsing with each passing day. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to optimize your Chrome experience — download the FlyMSG Extension now and discover a new level of seamless, high-quality browsing.

If you wish to download the FlyMSG extension into the latest version of Chrome, a straightforward process awaits you. Follow the steps below to seamlessly download and install any extensions you desire for your browsing needs.

Download FlyMSG extension for Chrome: stands out as a highly favored alternative for Chrome browser users seeking a free download of the FlyMSG extension. Unlike other platforms, this website allows you to download extensions without the hassle of registration. For an even more streamlined experience, consider exploring better solutions available on this website. Notably, FlyMSG falls under the Communication category within the Chrome web store.

Regardless, acquiring the free FlyMSG extension is a straightforward process. Simply visit our website to comprehend the download procedure; no advanced technical skills are needed to save the files on your computer. So, why wait? Proceed now!

FlyMSG Extension Features:

AI Writer & Autofill Text Expander App. Write, Expand, & Engage Everywhere!

Type Less. Do More. FlyMSG is a free AI writer, autofill text expander and keyboard shortcut app. And now as a super productivity app we’ve introduced an AI post generator, a LinkedIn commenting and engage AI solution that makes you fly! FlyMSG works as an extension on your browser and is powered by Microsoft Azure Open AI (GPT4, GPT 3 and GPT 3.5) & Google AI Palm 2. It’s more than magical, it’s super fly!

With the latest release, FlyMSG AI comes alive. FlyMSG AI contains a series of micro-products including FlyEngage AI, FlyPosts AI, and others that are soon to be launched. Each of these tools can be leveraged for free!

Yes, FlyMSG is powered by the same exact AI that is powering Google Bard and OpenAI ChatGPT!

🦅 FlyMSG is more than magical, its FLY!

With FlyMSG you can start saving a minimum of 20/hr.+ per month as you let the AI writer & text expand capabilities speed things up for you. It helps you “fly” through everyday mundane and repetitive tasks all the while delivering time back to your day.

In addition, using the AI writer & autofill text expansion capabilities you can automate repetitive mundane tasks using the power of AI (Google AI Palm 2 [powering Google Bard] and Microsoft Open AI with Chat GPT) anywhere online.

There are currently 4 major products bundled within FlyMSG and you can get them ALL. They are:

1. FlyMSG – The Autofill Text Expander
2. FlyPosts AI – The AI Post Generator for Social Media
3. FlyEngage AI – The LinkedIn AI Commenting Tool
4. FlyLearning – The On-demand Digital Sales Prospecting Training Library

💌 FlyMSG: Autofill Text Expander
FlyMSG is a productivity app that is directly integrated into your personal workflow and works everywhere online. With a few short keystrokes you can deploy a message anywhere.

And now, with direct Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn and LinkedIn Sales Navigator integration you’ll never have to worry about remembering your keyboard shortcuts or how to find your messages or snippets! Your productivity and communication assistant follows you.

Create your own messaging snippets, shortcuts, email templates, HR messaging templates, customer service response repository, recruiting messages, LinkedIn messages, connection request messages, inMail messages and store them all in the cloud! With a few short keystrokes your FlyCut (aka snippet or shortcut) will deploy your message in nanoseconds!

You’ll be saving an hour a day.

You can also get access to over 200 FlyPlates or messaging templates to use for any occasion! We travel everywhere you travel. In other words, we work easily on over millions of websites!

With thousands upon thousands of business professionals around the world from companies like Paypal, Juniper Networks, Netflix, Uber, GEICO, and many more, FlyMSG is your go-to writing assistant and default autofill tool.

Forgot the hours you waste building, organizing, copying and pasting email or message templates into your CRM, online forms, Google Sheets or any web-based application.

Copy, Paste! Copy, Paste! Copy and paste is such a waste!

🔥 FlyPosts AI: An AI Post Generator for Social Media 🔥

FlyPosts AI is an AI post generator tool and is part of the FlyMSG. FlyPosts AI is used to create a LinkedIn post with AI and is different than FlyEngage AI which is used for LinkedIn Comment creation with AI.

In other words, it’s a social media AI-powered application designed to help users create social posts right from within LinkedIn’s “Start a Post” function.

It has AI post generation features which include pre-defined prompts on various topics, and it allows the user to do custom AI prompts. FlyPosts AI helps users save time and improve social media marketing as an AI writing assistant. Doing so helps to drive more sales leads via social selling, develop company or personal brand awareness and/or help sellers or customer service agents engage with the intended target audience.

FlyPosts AI is designed for sellers, business owners, executives, social media marketers, customer-facing personnel, or anyone who wants to develop their personal or company brand and connect with customers through social media.

FlyPosts AI can be used to create personal or LinkedIn company page posts, and it will soon be available on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

💑 FlyEngage: LinkedIn Commenting with AI 💑

With Fly Engage AI you can leverage the best AI powered LinkedIn commenting tool for free. Think engage AI writer for LinkedIn.

Long gone are the wasted hours you spend combing through LinkedIn post after post just to figure out the best post to “comment” on. Then, once you’ve found it, it takes you 3-10 minutes to write the perfect LinkedIn comment.

Now you can use Google AI (Palm 2) and OpenAI Chat GPT for LinkedIn engagement and commenting in REAL-TIME! Being able to engage AI right within your LinkedIn and or LinkedIn Sales Navigator engagement workflow is power beyond what is normal.

With Fly Engage AI you can scale comments using the best AI writing app for LinkedIn comments in 39 major languages! Whatever the language that the LinkedIn post is written in is the language we’ll write a LinkedIn comment in!

FlyEngage AI is designed to help you connect you with your buyers using AI on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator. FlyEngage AI can be leveraged for free by any user.

Imagine having your own engage AI capability loaded every time you click comment on LinkedIn or LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Save your favorite prompts too as templates and expand them instantly using our free textexpander.

🏫 FlyLearning: On-demand Digital Sales Prospecting Training Library 🏫
FlyLearning is for individual sales professionals and sales teams who want to prospect better and build more sales pipeline. It’s also for business owners looking to create a sales process for themselves and their team to steadily bring in new customers through digital sales prospecting.

It includes access to 14+ hours of sales prospecting education whereby we teach sellers:
• How to write sales messaging
• How to “engage on LinkedIn” with buyers
• How to publish thought leadership content to attract your buyers

Who Can FlyMSG Help❓
FlyMSG is a personal productivity app and a business productivity tool that helps:
Sales Pros, Human Resources, Customer Service, Customer Success, Business Owners, Recruiters, Accounting and Finance Professionals, and just about anyone you can think of!

How Does It Work❓
Create FlyCuts (aka shortcodes, shortcuts, or snippets) to expand text, augment, write and/or replace text as you type! You guessed it, FlyMSG is a personal writing assistant.

Leverage FlyMSG to house all of your templates for any use case or use any of our FlyPlates (messaging templates) and add them from our library of content to your personal FlyCuts.

Likely you’re tired of remembering or wasting time finding your personalized Zoom links, bio, sales prospecting messages, company templates, onboarding and recruiting email messages, standard responses to FAQ’s, strings of development code or other things that you may type repeatedly.

FlyMSG is the magical free auto text expander tool designed to help modern business professionals, sales leaders, individual sales reps, business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers improve their personal sales productivity, sales messaging and sales engagement as they communicate faster and smarter using pre-written sales messages that you know work.

It’s used by recruiters, human resources, software developers, customer service & success, and just about anyone that wants to store messages for repeatable future use.

Want to get magical 🔮and blaze today?

Increase Engagement: Spend less time drafting and organizing your message templates, playbooks, or messages, and more time engaging with your audience.

Streamline Personal Productivity: Save 1-hour or more a day by storing your pre-written messages or quick text and helping you write messages faster with simple FlyCuts.

Communicate More Effectively: Maintain brand consistency and tonal uniformity that has proven to get you the best results (like a response).

It also has a freemium plan, so there is no reason to wait to make text blaze.

The power is in the Chrome extension that enables you to rid yourself of having to save and then forget where you stored your messaging templates, shortcuts or snippets. Say goodbye draft Gmail or Outlook emails, MS Word, notepad, notebook, Evernote, OneNote or any other application where you’re storing messages and hello to communication assistance that makes a difference.

The best part is, you can access your messages and increase personal productivity on any laptop with a Chrome browser that you’re signed in to.


1️⃣ Plain And Rich-text Message Editor
2️⃣ Hyperlink What You Want and Maintain Its Format
3️⃣ Ability To Change Your Font Size or Font Type
4️⃣ Embed Images and Video
5️⃣ Quick And Easy To Input Text Messaging
6️⃣ Easy to Format Your Text Messaging
7️⃣ When a Website Does Not Have Rich Text It Converts Your Rich Text Messages Into Simple Text Format
8️⃣ Autosave Your Templates
9️⃣ All-in-one AI LinkedIn Engagement Tool
🔟 An AI Post Generator for Social Media


🥇Ability to Share Any Message with Anyone
🥈 ROLL BACK to a Previous Version in History
🥉 Track Your Utilization, Productivity Time Saved, and Cost Saved Over an Entire Year

With over tens of thousands of users and trusted by over 3,000 companies, FlyMSG is the most popular textexpander, AI post generator, engage ai and writing assistant app.

We allow you to be in full control of your daily productivity with full Integration with Grammarly, GrammarlyGo, Linguix, and other AI Writing Assistants.

Don’t wait. Make text blaze today for you and start getting your time back.


💰 Sales Use Cases Like:

• LinkedIn Connection Requests
• Book a Meeting
• Accept Inbound Invitation
• Welcome Messages to New Connections
• Referral Messages
• Cold Prospecting Message
• Sales Referral Messaging
• Recommendation Messages
• Sales Pitches

Earn more commissions or money by accelerating repetitive prospecting tasks. It can be especially useful when working on prospecting or closing deals on (, Microsoft Dynamics, or SugarCRM.

🤏Small Business, Solopreneurs and Entrepreneurs Use Cases like:

• Long or Short Bio with or without Images
• email Templates and Sales Proposals
• Schedule a Meeting message with Links
• Articles with pre-defined Embedded Hyperlinks
• Open Hyperlinks in NEW Tabs
• Messages from your VA on your behalf

Modernize your business with the power of FlyMSG on every website you use including ChatGPT. This can be especially useful when working on prospecting or closing deals on HubSpot, Zoho CRM, or Pipedrive.

💼 Recruiting / Human Resources Use Cases like:

• First Touch
• Follow-up
• Invitation Prompt
• Candidate Availability and Meeting
• Job Description
• Company Culture
• Job Promotion
• Job Offer
• Qualifying Questions By The Hiring Manager
• Next Steps Templates
• New Hire Materials
• Congratulations You’re Hired Messages
• Performance Review

Especially useful when working on multiple job requisitions or openings at once. You can blaze today on recruiting sites like Freshteam, Greenhouse, Indeed or Workable.

👏 Customer Service and Customer Support Use Cases like:

• Frequently Asked Questions
• Knowledge Base Articles
• Onboarding a New Customer

Communicate fast and close more customer tickets in applications like Zendesk, Freshdesk and Intercom.

🎓 College Professors & Teachers Use Cases like:

• Build out weekly messaging that maps to each week of your course curriculum or syllabi.
• Create shortcuts (aka FlyCuts) for frequently used replies, phrases or feedback comments.

Especially useful on sites like Blackboard, Canvas, Google Classroom or Edmodo.


👨🏽‍⚕️Healthcare Worker Use Cases for pharmacists, doctors, physical therapists and nurses, including veterinarians. All can create shortcuts or snippets to increase time spent with patients on healthcare sites like Athenahealth, Allscripts, Cerner or Epic.

👩🏽‍⚖️Lawyers and Attorneys can use it to create FlyCuts (snippets) to address frequently used legal clauses, terms or citations. Huge advantages on time savings when used on legal sites like Clio, LexisNexis, MyCase, or Westlaw.

📈 Marketing personnel can create shortcuts for use in press releases, webinar invitations,
newsletters, frequently used marketing messages, social media posts, or ad copy. Don’t forget you can embed images and videos into the auto text expander. This is a tremendous time saver on marketing applications like Hootsuite, Buffer, Sprout Social, and SEMrush.

🏠 Mortgage Brokers, Escrow Officers and Real Estate Agents: can create keyboard shortcuts for frequently used phrases, clauses, contingency releases or listings. Talk about a huge productivity time saver on real estate sites like Redfin,, or Zillow.

🧑🏽‍🦱 Personal Magical Use Cases like: Get more done in the day by automating your busywork.

• Birthday Messages
• Thank-you Motes
• Be Right Back
• Auto Signature
• Keyword Replacement
• Send repetitive messages with personal details in an instant.

For questions, please email us at <>


Google Chrome is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of this trademark is subject to Google’s permissions. TextExpander® is a registered trademark of SmileOnMyMac, LLC. Vengreso® and FlyMSG® are registered trademarks of Vengreso, Inc. All other trademarks that might be registered are conveyed to you for reference on compatibility, or alternatives and are not the ownership of Vengreso.

FlyMSG uses Google AI via Palm 2 which also powers Google Bard. In addition, we also use OpenAI via Microsoft Azure Open AI – and all of its variations including GPT3, ChatGPT, and GPT4. Both Google AI Palm 2 (powering Google Bard) and Microsoft Azure OpenAI are the Enterprise grade LLM’s for AI.

Setup Instruction:

1. Launch Chrome web browser.
2. Go to the
3. Use the search bar to find the extension you want to download.
4. Once you find the desired extension, click on its listing to open details page.
5. On the details page, look for a button that says “Add to Chrome”.
6. Now simply click on this button, Then the browser will download and install the extension.


The process of enhancing our browser’s functionality with the word count feature is remarkably facilitated by FlyMSG extension. In doing so, the extension not only resolves specific issues but also augments the overall functionality of the Chrome browser experience. Should you encounter any challenges during the installation of FlyMSG extension Add-ons, please feel free to leave a comment in the section below, and I’ll promptly respond in the next replay to address your concerns.


Price: Free

Technical Information

Version: 3.4.11
File size: 3.8MiB
Language: English

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